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Is Your Toilet or Sink Backed Up?

If the answer is yes, call Schnell Plumbing Inc right now. Our professional technicians use the latest technology and methods to take care of any blockages or leaks that might be causing you problems. All this at an affordable rate!

Trust The Best Plumber In The Sheboygan County Area

Schnell Plumbing Inc takes pride in the services we provide to our clients. That's why we spare no expense and use the latest technology and repair methods to fix your problem. Our sewer camera can be inserted into your sewer system's drain line to accurately inspect and identify any issues you might be experiencing.

What We Can Do for You


Identify and repair main line blockages


Kitchen sink backups


Drain line inspections


Identify leak locations and repair leaks

If you're searching for someone to install your water fixture, look no further. Visit our Installation page to learn more!

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Sewer cameras used for accurate sewer or drain line inspections